We help to generate biosafety barriers. We have integrated activities in different areas to prevent diseases.

We assume the commitment with the people who demand the highest quality.


Improve Your Competitiveness

Improve Your Products

Reduce Costs


Our specialized technicians are in continuous training to solve and provide the best technical service.

Our specialized personnel is in charge of Diagnostics and Estimates either for Installation of equipment (New/Used), repair or Sale of spare parts.

All evaluations made by our professionals in the field go through our commercial offices in charge of providing the customer with the best option for his project.

We perform installations, calibrations and start-up of equipment, as well as Preformats with detailed description of the project, times, components and materials to be needed.

Each machine assembled by our technicians has an assembly warranty and technical service included.

We have the necessary software and component updated to optimize all our work.

Our technicians are in charge of offering training services to the personnel. Courses of: Machine operation, general maintenance and cleaning.

Permanent stock of spare parts and in constant growth to guarantee the functionality of all our equipment.

In addition to our on-site technical support, we have 24-hour telephone technical support.

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We contribute to generate biosafety barriers. With the equipment we collaborate in automating production flows to achieve efficiency.