Nieser Germat


Total Disinfectant & Biocide

Broad spectrum germicide with cleaning action due to a special formulation with iodine and wetting agents. Fast action against bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses in installations, machinery, transport vehicles and accessories of intensive vegetable and animal productions.

Indicated for hand disinfection. Cleaning and disinfection of production facilities such as countertops, aisles, pallets, shelves, pipes or tanks.

Disinfection of wagons or transport vehicles. Disinfection in drinking water for domestic animals.

Surfaces, Vehicle, Equipment, Hands, Human, Vegetable, Green.

Iodophor compound-based disinfectant and biocide (Titratable iodine: 2%, Phosphoric acid: 3%)

Dosage: 1 L/250 L of water for hand and tool disinfection; 1 L/320 L of water for viral and fungal disinfection 1 L/1,200 L of water for routine disinfection 1 L/2,000 L of water for drinking water disinfection.

Presentation 5 Lts.

Green Line

Small actions, big solutions. Nieser offers different types of medications to attack parasite eggs. It is necessary to consult a veterinarian who will evaluate each case and decide which of the various presentations applies to each case.