Total Biocide Disinfectant

Powerful bactericide, fungicide and viricide even with action on resistant forms of these microorganisms. Effective formulation in the control of infection cycles in facilities of intensive plant use.

Fast action in total disinfection of facilities, tools, pots, machinery, trays, drawers or greenhouse areas without plant presence.

Cleaning and disinfection of production facilities such as: plastics, poles, countertops, aisles, pallets, shelves. Disinfection of automatic packaging or sowing machinery, sowing or transplanting tools, pots, trays, crates, etc. Disinfection of tools, wagons or transport vehicles.

Surfaces, Equipment, Vegetable, Green.

 Formaldehyde-based broad-spectrum biocidal disinfectant (Formaldehyde: 26.6%)

Dosage: Ranging from 1 L/50 L of water for highly-contaminated sites to 1 L/200 L of water for prevention in clean sites

Presentation 5 Lt.

Green Line

Small actions, big solutions. Nieser offers different types of medications to attack parasite eggs. It is necessary to consult a veterinarian who will evaluate each case and decide which of the various presentations applies to each case.