Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner with Disinfectant Properties

Of alkaline characteristics, with surfactant power, it makes the cleaning effective since the surface tension of the product collaborates to the adherence of the walls of the machines, equipment and utensils.

Cleaner to dilute. Intended for machines, equipment and utensils, as well as the facilities of food industries and in any area where there is food processing.

Destination: Surfaces, Equipment.

Ammonium-based disinfectant detergent (Ammonium chloride mixture: 2.3%, Lauric acid: 7%)

Dosage: 1-1.5% based on type of cleaning: extraordinary or routine.

Presentation 5 kg y 200 kg.

Food Line

Small actions, big solutions. Practical and economical for food processing. With the incorporation of the BIOSECURITY concept, Nieser has become an ally of FOOD producers.