High dilution alkaline detergent for the food industry

Synergistic blend of detergents. Very effective against protein residues, especially vegetable and animal oils. It is also an excellent cleaner capable of removing all types of dirt. The high concentration of surfactants allows it to be diluted up to 1:500 with water, giving great performance and economy.

Indicated for use in fishing industries, cold stores, canning factories, cookies, chocolates, dairy products, industrial kitchens and food areas in general. It does not leave residual aroma on the treated surface, this is especially important in food handling. In working dilution it has neutral pH, which avoids damage to hands.

Destination: Surfaces, Equipment.

High-dilution alkaline detergent for the food industry (Synergic mixture of detergents)

Dosage: Strong dilution: 1 L/125 L of water; Medium dilution: 1L/250 L of water; Light dilution: 1L/500 L of water.

Presentation 5 kg y 200 kg.

Food Line

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