Broad spectrum antimicrobial agent based on its oxidizing power

High level disinfectant due to its fast action and low use concentration. Its component is Peracetic Acid. It does not deactivate certain enzymes that have the ability to degrade hydrogen peroxide, it is a suitable choice in case of detecting biofilm,  it is a very suitable product for use in CIP cleaning systems because it does not generate foam.

It is recommended not to use it pure since the recommended dilutions are highly effective without putting the disinfection operating personnel at risk. Dilute in water at room temperature up to 40° C. At certain concentrations and methods applied it has a certain descaling action.

Destination: Surfaces, Vehicle, Equipment.

Peracetic acid-based antimicrobial disinfectant with oxidizing power (Peracetic acid: 5-7%, Hydrogen peroxide: 28-32%).

Dosage: Ranging from 0.05% to 3%.

Presentation 5 kg y 20 kg.

Food Line

Small actions, big solutions. Practical and economical for food processing. With the incorporation of the BIOSECURITY concept, Nieser has become an ally of FOOD producers.