Liquid alkaline detergent cleaner for industrial and professional use

High cleaning power detergent based on non-ionic surfactants, alkaline compounds, sequestering and flavoring agents. Low foaming, high performance and high yield. Biodegradable.

Formulated for use diluted in water. Use only in institutional and industrial environments. Cleaning and sanitizing of buildings, equipment, vehicles and food processing plants. Cleaning prior to disinfection. Vehicle washing.

Destination: Surfaces, Vehicle, Equipment.

Low-foam alkaline cleaner for industrial use (Fatty alcohol alkoxylate: 12.5%)

Dosage: Tray cleaning: 1 L/200 L of water; Routine cleaning: 1 L/100 L of water; Dirty surface cleaning: 1 L/50 L of water.

Presentation 5 lts.

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