Avian Insecticide, External Antiparasitic

It is characterized by being a uniform powder. Due to its physical form it is used as an insecticide in nests, litter and as a controller of ectoparasites on birds.

It is presented in solid form, it is a ready to use powder, and it does not require dilutions or previous mixtures. It can be conveniently used in broilers, breeders, commercial layers, turkeys as well as in ornamental poultry.

Agents: Alphytobius diaperinus (Litter Coleoptera), Cuclotogaster heterographus (Head louse), Goniocotes gallinae (Body louse), Goniodes gigas (Body louse), Menacanthus stramineus (Body louse), Menopon gallinae (Body louse), Lipeurus caponis (Wing louse), Ceratophylus gallinae (Flea), Argas persicus (Ixodes), Ornythonyssus spp. (Red or perch mite), Cnemidocoptes spp. (Red or perch mite), Dermanyssus gallinae (Red or perch mite).

Microorganism: Insect, Arachnid.

Target: Surfaces.

Species: Birds.

Carbamate-based external antiparasitic insecticide (Methyl carbamate: 5%)

Dosage: Bed: 2 kg/100 m2 Over poultry: 2.5 g/bird Nest: 2-5 g per nest.

Presentation bag x 5 kg.

Vet Line

Economic practices for disease prevention in intensive animal husbandry.
With the incorporation of the biosecurity concept, Nieser products are indispensable in farms, hatcheries, feed processing plants, transport in general, sanitary barriers, sanitary customs for people, maternity wards, equipment, etc.